It seems to be used having particular verbs or perhaps in good certain sense of this new verb

, 21 сентября 2022
It seems to be used having particular verbs or perhaps in good certain sense of this new verb

/bi-/ might have been said getting locative-terminative push in place of strictly locative push having /ba-/, however, Thomsen states towards p. 184, so it "is most probably perhaps not immediately used for why away from concord with a loc.-label. or loc. noun, but it as an alternative suits the newest semantic differentiation of verb. "

>ba(I): have an excellent separative setting. In the OBGT it directly correlates having >Akkadian t-stems. (Thomsen, adopting the Jacobsen, confuses t-stems >into the Akkadian perfect.) Their condition is actually immediately after the brand new ventive >marker meters and therefore the b are soaked up: m-ba- > m-ma, and if that is >accompanied by a second person pronoun, it will become yards-ma > m-mu (so ba >is not always simple to determine). On absence of brand new >ventive marker they takes up the first updates regarding the strings, and then they >try not to continually be celebrated out-of ba(II). A clear case is actually >ba-ne-su8-be2-en-de3-en = ni-it-tal2-lak cu-nu-ci = we disappear completely >on them (OBGT VII, 305). > >ba(II): features a beneficial stative/couch potato setting. Inside OBGT VI, it is rendered from the >a-c-base stative/inactive, otherwise a keen Nt-stalk passive. Frequently, ba(II) >takes up the original standing regarding the strings. ba-ab-gar, ba-ab-gar-re-durante >= cuckun, cuckunaku = he's become place / I've been set >(by some one unnamed). The brand new versions ba-gar, ba-gar-re-en, . ba-na-gar, >ba-na-gar-re-en inside the OBGT VI, traces 160-165, are unclear; they're able to >rather feel translated due to the fact ba(I), especially the second series, >that is several-fellow member, and OB grammarian, whom rendered him or her >by the Nt-stem passives, and kept this new ambiguity. > >The report obviously applies to ba(II), but I really don't found it simply an excellent >case of taste, immediately following you've got set ba(I) aside. Needless to say, it is >ways outside my info and you will my competence to test my over >syntactical/lexical says from the unilingual texts. > >Using my sincerely, >Peter J. Huber

I imagined of all the intransitive phrases that avoid with ba-Sources, such as for example ba-gul, "it actually was destroyed". Because you say, those people fall-in the category off ba(II).

I'd enjoys believe it absolutely was a great >Hebrew term, but again, I'm not sure the connection of your own Sumerian >vocabulary plus the Hebrew language

Thank you for taking the time to try and clarify that it point. I can just be sure to summarize exactly what Hayes has on pages 162 and you will 256: He agrees you to scholars possess speculated there are one or two ba- conjugation prefixes that are homonyms. "A person is jswipe viewed chiefly when you look at the inactive sentences, another in the less definable contexts." Including, the latest conjugation prefix bi2- both takes place having moderate phrases on locative-terminative situation and conjugation prefix ba- both happen having nominal sentences regarding the locative case. "It is primarily the pattern away from co-occurrence with added several students to summarize you to bi2- and you will ba- are not of the same review due to the fact almost every other conjugation prefixes, and are generally most likely consisting of one or more function." Therefore one to particular ba- range from an element you to definitely is short for this new locative case. To possess good separative definition, you expect discover Sumerian affordable phrases conclude on the ablative postposition -ta.

Note the new delicate distinction >manufactured in OBGT VI, outlines 79-84, involving the ordinary Grams-base stative >and also the C-stem stative/passive: an-gar, an-gar-re-en = cakin, >caknaku = he's place, I am place, versus

>I found myself curious if you you'll answer a question for me personally. We have comprehend someplace >that term "Eden" was a good Sumerian term. > >Anyway, in the event the Paradise, Adam, and/or Eve was Sumerian terms and conditions, can you >please let me know whether they have a translation/definition?

EDIN was a great Sumerian phrase, it is the steppe residential property among them rivers, where in fact the herd pet grazed.

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