How to Delete Your eHarmony Account after Cancelling Your Subscription

, 29 августа 2022
How to Delete Your eHarmony Account after Cancelling Your Subscription

eHarmony intentionally makes it difficult to delete your account, by not allowing you to do it at the same time you cancel your subscription. We've got the solution below for their attempt to keep you on the hook.

eHarmony is a dating website designed to set you up with people you'll really connect with from day one. And hopefully, one of those people will be that “special someone” with whom you'll form a long-lasting relationship. Or you may not have any luck and want to move on to a different dating service like eHarmony, such as Match or OkCupid.


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Either way, if you're finished with eHarmony, you probably want to delete mexican cupid price your eHarmony account so that you don't have to keep paying for a dating website that you're not using. This article will walk you through the process by covering the following topics and answering your pressing questions:

How to cancel an eHarmony subscription from the Web

The first thing you will need to do to close down your eHarmony account is to turn off your subscription's auto-renewal (if you are currently in the middle of one). If you purchased your subscription from eHarmony's website, here's how to that:

    1. Go to eharmony and log into your account.
    2. Click on your profile picture in the top-middle portion of the screen, and then select Account Settings from the menu that drops down.
    3. Once you're on your settings page, click Billing.
    4. Scroll down the page and you should see the “Subscription Status” window. This will show you information like when your last subscription payment was, when your subscription will renew (including what type it will be and how much it will cost), or when your current subscription is set to expire.

    From here, simply click the Cancel My Subscription button at the bottom of the window and follow the process through to the end.

    How to cancel an eHarmony subscription from iTunes

    If you paid for your eHarmony subscription through iTunes on your mobile device, you will have to take a different route to turning of the auto-renew function. Instead of going through the eHarmony website itself, you will have to manage the subscriptions on your Apple ID account. Here's how that works:

    Boot up your iOS device and tap Settings.

    (Image source: PlayKids) Tap your Apple ID, and then select View Apple ID from the box that pops up. You will have to enter your Apple ID account password if you aren't already signed in.

    (Image source: Apple) Tap Subscriptions (or Manage Subscriptions on older versions of iOS) to view the subscriptions you manage through iTunes. Then tap eHarmony.

    (Image source: Apple) At the bottom of the options presented, tap Cancel Subscription and then Confirm to cancel your subscription to eHarmony.

    Pro Tip: On older versions of iOS, slide the button on the “Auto Renewal” slider to the “off” position instead.

    How to finally delete your eHarmony account once your subscription expires

    Once you have cancelled auto-renewal for your eHarmony subscription (and paid it all off), you have to wait until your subscription expires. Then you can delete your eHarmony account in a way similar to how you cancelled your subscription – through your account and billing settings.

        1. Go to eharmony in your web browser and log in.
        2. From your home screen, click on your profile picture. Then, from the drop-down menu that appears, click Account Settings.
        3. Once you're on your settings page, click Billing.
        4. Scroll to the “Subscription Status” window at the bottom of the page. If your subscription has expired and you have no outstanding payments, you will see the Close Account option in the bottom-right corner. Click it.
        5. A box will pop up warning you of the potential consequences of deleting your account. If you still wish to continue with your account closure, click Yes, Close My Account.
        6. The next window will confirm that your account has been closed. If you change your mind and want to re-open it, click Reactivate. Otherwise, click Log Out to finish.

    Why can't I delete my account, even though I cancelled my subscription?

    There are two common reasons for this. The most likely one is that your latest eHarmony subscription has not yet expired. Cancelling your subscription only stops it from automatically renewing; it still remains active until the date that you have paid for it through. You can continue to use eHarmony's premium services until that date, but you cannot delete your account until that date has passed.

    The other potential reason is that you have not fully paid for one or more of your previous subscriptions. Remember, if you choose to pay for a subscription in installments, you will have to pay all of those installments, even if you cancel the subscription early.

    What do I do if I don't want my personal information on eHarmony anymore?

    Even if you close your eHarmony account, eHarmony will keep your personal information “for continued service and convenience purposes until you advise us not to do so,” according to their privacy policy. So if you want them to get rid of it, you will have to send an email to [email protected] with the title “Delete My Account Information”, and make an explicit request to have your personal information taken off eHarmony permanently. Note that it may take eHarmony up to 10 business days to complete your request.

    Can I rejoin eHarmony later with the same profile and matches?

    If you simply closed your account, you sure can! Just log back into your account and click Re-Open My Account. Your profile information, pictures, and matches will all be there waiting for you.

    However, if you requested to have your information taken off eHarmony as well, then you'll have to create a new profile from scratch – including retaking the retaking the compatibility questionnaire. In addition, your matches will have been deleted, so there's no guarantee that you'll get the same ones this time around.

    That's about everything you need to know about how to get rid of your unwanted eHarmony account! If it led you to love, congratulations! If not, perhaps consider browsing our full section of online dating service tutorials to see if there's another website or app that's right for you. There are also all sorts of other great online social tools that you can use to find friends and romantic partners, and we have lessons on how to use a whole bunch of the most popular ones! Good luck in your future romantic endeavors!

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